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  1. Introduction:

After 20 years of involvement in Olive Oil production and stylization, we created an export company with which we trying to focus on our customers needs, by giving them the finest of the olive oil products in Greece.

— A) The famous Messenia mountainous olive oil
— B) The Unique Taste of Kalamon (Kalamata) edible olives
— C) The Unique PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our aim:

Our company and all associates holds the belief that promoting a high standard product such as Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Edible (Table) Olives, can give to global markets and especially those who do not have olive oil, the benefits of high quality products.
We are registered in the Chamber of Commerce in Piraeus as a reliable Export company with a global number 47712 and special exporters number 6636-A1/2010.
In search for improvement in our distribution sector, we cooperate with a much experienced shipping company named PRIMEWAY S.A which gave us the opportunity to send our product's all over the world with the highest security, reliability and low cost.
Our suppliers:

Our knowledge in the area of olive oil, helps me collect the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the most popular places in Greece :
Peloponnese, Kyparissia district
Peloponnese, Argolida district
Peloponnese, Messenia district
These places produce the most delicate and flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic one. From all the countries in the Mediterranean Sea, the location of the above mentioned places is such that gives a delicate flavor to Olive Oil, which the factories retain in steel double jacketed tanks and from there to the bottles.
The sun, the soil and the exposure to sea water, makes the growth all the more easier and fruitful, from other places in the world.
More information about the nature of the Greek olive you can see in the "History" section, and for all other details about production of Olive Oil read the "Production" section on this Web site.
You may always contact with us by finding our contact details in "Contact us" section.